Colossus synergies

What synergies does colossus need to reach his full potential? And does he need to be at 5 star or above?


    Omega, Emma and Juggernaut have nice synergies with him.
  • amal_nairamal_nair Posts: 22
    Colossus only with OR, works pretty good too if you want to bring other god tiers in your team.
  • Brack1984Brack1984 Posts: 18
    Depends on length of fight.

    Shorter fight/legends run style:
    wolverine/OMR/Juggernaut or unstoppable colossus/cyclops red work best for me.

    I’ve been able to do every monthly EQ with this setup mostly without issue. Guardian and Sasquatch were a breeze.
    You mostly want to parry, medium heavy. You probably won’t make it to an sp2 if your colossus is a high rank.

    Longer fights:
    OMR/Juggernaut/Emma Frost/Domino

    This is my go to for potion farming in ROL or other fights. I switch up to 5 hit combos to get to an sp2 as fast as possible. When I’m ready to do an sp2 I parry, med, then heavy into an sp2. Rinse and repeat.

    A fun third fun build that I like:
    The sinister/cable synergy gives you a random passive buff each fight and is good for short to medium fights.

    Hope this helps, I am sure there are other ways to play him, but this works best for me.
  • SwishBabySwishBaby Posts: 24
    Ok thank you so much!
  • MuffinBrainMuffinBrain Posts: 548 ★★★
    Emma Frost makes colossus even more broken than he already is.
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