i recently posted one discussion about android lag issues it has been replied by @Kabam Zibiit thats it he gave us one site to go and complain we complained but there is no reply to that, this is a very serious issues pls work with it we need our game back pls kabam


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    Hey sailesh509, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns in the dedicated thread for Android users. We're unable to reply to every comment in that thread, however, the information we gather there is used to help us investigate any possible issues and make future improvements to the game.

    There are many devices capable of running the game and there are many different factors which can cause lag or connection issues to occur. There's no quick-fix which will instantly resolve lag or connection issues for everyone but in an effort to reduce the likelihood of these things occurring, we're working to make improvements on our end which will allow the game to run smoother on as many devices as possible.

    We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on this and improve your experience in The Contest!
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