2 interesting ideas!

Now these ideas came out of left field but I’d love to see multi-questing, basically meaning you can do multiple quests at once, and being able to transfer champs and items through all your different accounts. I’ll explain the transferring a little more though. So you’d be able to send over things like items (healing, catalysts, boosts, etc.), champions, and currency’s like units, loyalty, and arena chips. With champs though obviously if you send over one you already have you can just awaken it or generally make a more stacked roster. I don’t think I need to explain multi-questing though because all of you have probably thought about that too at some point. I just think these ideas would help most of the community a lot especially if you’re a growing account that’s trying to get everything you need to move up in the game. If you’ve read this, have a good day, and let’s make this happen!!


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    So transfer is just trading/glorified gifting which is just a flat no, multiple questing just isn’t really needed
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    Ok. I appreciate you lending your thoughts about it. Didn’t expect anyone to see this any because the forums are pretty dead (or so I think. idk.).
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