so i am trying to get cavalier and im currently on act 5.3.3 I have the mats to r4 a 5 star mutant but I am having trouble deciding.... (I RUN SCUICIDES)

Help!! 20 votes

Omega red (unawakened)
SnakeEyes69DeaconVelvetArsozStellanRenaxqqMathgeekBkstrong007 7 votes
Colossus (unawakened)
BrokenTheHoodedDormammuMysterioJedi_HawkeAnthinhoPotatolegionFlashSpideyChikelXguard77Sparty6YeetusTheFoetusThebombsquad1 12 votes
Wait for another mutant
Qacob 1 vote


  • Kill_Grey4112Kill_Grey4112 Posts: 1,237 ★★★★
    Omega red is a straight banger with suicides! But it works best if he's awakened. Colossus is also better off awakened, and probably not running suicides due to his reliance on specials (most of the time). It's a fairly tough choice for sure.
  • AnthinhoAnthinho Posts: 234
    Colossus (unawakened)
    omega is useless unawakened
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