Champs deserve an overhaul buff

TungLeeTungLee Posts: 56
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Buffing up champions is probadly the best thing in the MCOC roadmap, and it gets better when Kabam announced 2 champs will be buffed every month. I do hope they stick to their words because this is what the community has waited for so long. I came up with a list of champions that truly deserve to be buffed (an overhaul buff, not just a tune-up buff):

- War Machine
- Iron Patriot
- Ironman
- Howard the Duck
- Red Skull

- Cyclops (both versions)
- Deadpool X-force
- Beast

- Thor Jane
- Ironfist (both versions)
- Unstoppable Colossus
- Juggernaut
- Diablo
- Ebony Maw

- Karnak
- Taskmaster
- Punisher
- Daredevil (both versions)
- Moonknight
- Black Panther (both versions)

- Groot
- King Groot
- Superior Ironman
- Venompool
- Spiderman symbiote

- Abomination
- Spiderman classic
- Captain America (classic & WW2)
- Rhino
- Antman
- Joe Fixit
- Sentry


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