Plat4, AQ 200M alliance looking for 2 after season

Our alliance is currently looking for 2 new membera to join us after the season ends to replace inactive members.

The alliance is very active, friendly, supportive. We use Line for communication.
Players from different timezones are welcome.

AW: Platinum 4, AW Tier 4, 3 BGs.
We have been P4 for a few seasons now.

AQ: 3 BGs, we normally run map 5 in BG1 and BG2 with heroic modifiers and map 4 in BG 3 with master/heroic modifiers, weekly score 200M.

Summoner advancement: 500k-750k every week

AQ / AW participation is mandatory for all. AW takes priority over AQ.
We expect best champs in AW attack / defense.


- skilled player with good defenders (Cavalier, AW tier 4-5 experience a plus)
- active participation in AW and AQ
- Line app (should have it and actually check it, notifications for mentions on)
- 8k+ prestige, 500k+ total hero rating
- team player

Please contact Saltygoodness on Line / in the game.


  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 123
    We still have one spot after season rewards. Finished the season middle of P4.
    206M in AQ last week.

    Feel free to apply if you're interested

  • jacksoojacksoo Posts: 17
    Hey add me on line
    My line id is kickat88
  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 123
    We still have one spot available immediately. Please apply
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