Unblockable Attacks with Defensive Tactics Is Unavoidable Damage, again

MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 326 ★★
To help clarify the discussion:

Defensive tactics gives the defender an invulnerability charge that can only be removed by blocking or parrying...

You would think it would be a single invulnerability charge against any one hit but it’s
permanent until you take damage / BLOCK which is UNAVOIDABLE damage when facing a champion with UNBLOCKABLE attacks.

To me, this is terrible game design and/or a cash grab as unavoidable damage being super non-interactive and not-fun as mentioned for many years is a simple concept easily avoided.

A quick change to the game design could have avoided this!


  • AdixRajAdixRaj Posts: 114
    This game is not fun anymore period. Kabam have chosen to go this way , god knows they trying to kill the game or kill f2p ?
  • ThedancingkidThedancingkid Posts: 274 ★★
    What was the fight? We’re reaching the end of the season and it’s not an issue we faced.

    If anything new map is a bit easier than the previous one (tier 3).
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