Hello there Summoner, my name is Timothy M. Rosa.

Do you have an over a million account? That's impressive for sure, maybe a little lower? that's also great, you know why? because we don't discriminate! Our main goal is to have focused, wholesome, dedicated and active players, who want to be in a friendly alliance, that is extremely diligent with time in Alliance Quest.

Alliance Quest and 3 day quests are our main focus, I know most "retirement" (hate this term for no war participating alliances btw) alliances dislike contributing for anything, but we say, why play then? Striving for minimums to get those extra rewards is always rewarding.

However, can I just say how tedious and time consuming high level Alliance Wars and Alliance Quest are?

At this point you have to choose what do do, either give up wars, give up AQ, or find a way to balance it all out, but doing all of them at the high level (or even a middle level) is not sustainable, it's not healthy.

We are that middle ground, an active alliance that enables you to have control of your account, so you have free time to grind story content, arenas and side quests.

You can't control who you get from crystals, what type of rank up materials you get and to top it off, the game demands prestige and SPECIFIC champions for end game content both in story mode and competitive modes like AQ and AW.

You will find, that In Roguetopia, you don't have any of these obstacles and requirements, in most higher end alliances they tell you who to rank, why and obligate you to do so, if you fail in war or AQ you get shamed, ridiculed and demoralized.

In Roguetopia, we encourage you to become better, we have our own tier list, our strategy guides and we help you become better, as a team.

We are looking for veteran Alliance Quest map 5 players and arena grinders.

We do no wars (wars are strictly prohibited in the alliance), there are no crystal holdings (you can open crystals whenever you want) there are no prestige rankings, no limits on who you rank.

We also do not tolerate rude behavior and passive aggressive instigation, any drama or insulting is an instant dismissal.

So, if you are a high level player who wants to let go of the stress and spending of high level competitive gameplay permanently or you are a modest player who wants to grown and become a better player, if you want to do AQ map 5 and contribute in 3 day quest by being active, who is part of a group of professional players who are active, communicate well and respectfully, than Roguetopia might be the place for you!

Guidelines *non negotiable btw*

AQ entry time limit will be 6 PM EST, if you are not in by that time you will have a delay token so to speak, 3 and you are out, as in everything in law there are exceptions, as long as you communicate with me or an officer, explain why you can't go in, arrangements can be made.

Miniboss is to be down by 7 PM EST, non-negotiable, 8 PM EST the latest. If this timeline is not being achieved, changes will be made, with or without consent. AKA either by you giving us time to replace you or be kicked.

Everyone (except the night crew) is to log in and have moved by 8 AM EST. Timeline consequences are the same as numeral 2.

If you have a job that just doesn't let you fulfill these schedules than be honest, bow out, give us time to replace you and we can depart amicably.

We will not tolerate disingenuous and conniving attitudes, be honest and straight with us, don't say you can do something and then don't, everyone here has to work on equal terms and conditions, everyone has equal duties, no compensating for others, no leaching.

You are to be active at all phases of AQ, not just the beginning, the middle or the end. If you can't, well, I think I thoroughly covered it.

Actions speaks louder than words, follow these guidelines and you will have no issues.

Our motto: "Play solo, earn as a team".

TL;DR: Active Map 5 players that grind arena and contribute minimums, no wars, no prestige rankings and no gold donations, be active in AQ every 3 hours until bedtime

Conditions for joining: At least 1 mil rating, at least 10k prestige, must have and use whatsapp, must communicate through the entire AQ, all of these are non-negotiable.

Name of the alliance: Roguetopia, contact the leader Timothy M. Rosa, to join.
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