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5* Namor, 5* Corvus, 6* Corvus?

Hey guys,

So I'm coming up on Elder's Bane (just have the Collector to 100%). Gonna get those two juicy t5 basics and need to decide who to use them on. My 5* Namor is at sig 200, and I have 12 Mutant t4cc. I also have a 5* Corvus and 10 Cosmic t4cc, as well as a 5* Cosmic Awakening Gem.

However, I also have a 6* Corvus too (lucky as heck), and I just recently formed a t5 basic, so I'll end up having three of them after 100% Act 5, meaning I can R2 him.

So my question is who's the best decision to go with? I don't have a R5 Mutant yet, nor a Cosmic. And should I use that Awakening Gem on 5* Corvus regardless, or save it for a hopefully eventual Hyperion or Captain Marvel? Whatever your decision, please explain why! I'm open to all advice/suggestions.

5* Namor, 5* Corvus, 6* Corvus? 19 votes

R5 sig 200 5* Namor
Maldroit2 1 vote
R5 and awaken 5* Corvus
Ciciliatorivet 2 votes
R2 6* Corvus
TheHoodedDormammuMoosetiptronicbluebubble100ItsDamienEtjamaDarkEternitylowlevelplayerDoctor_Strange19FlashSpideyChikelSuperiorSymbioteQfuryMathgeekGr8TonyStarkYeetusTheFoetusBatman_bruce31 16 votes


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    lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,292 ★★★★★
    edited August 2020
    R2 6* Corvus
    If given the chance between a 6* version and a 5* version of the same champ, always go 6*(unless they need dupe and high sig). Unless you want to use the slightly shady AQ tactic, then he doesn't really need dupe.
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    ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,626 ★★★★★
    R2 6* Corvus
    I took my 6* Corvus to R2 over my awakened R4 5* Corvus.

    While Namor is great, you'll have the goal of getting Corvus to R3 eventually which will be a great feeling when you can get there.
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