Suggestion to revamp 1v1 arena

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I mentioned this in another thread, but I think we can all agree that the 1v1 arena is one of, if not the most, outdated, useless features in the game.
Another issue in the game that is more relevant is the lack of 1* accessibility in the game. (FYI, I have 1* hulk, so this is not about me). the only way to get them is through collector crystals which are 50 units for 20% chance to get a 1*.

My suggestion is that we change the rewards of the 1v1 system to give some sort of crystal that has a chance to get a 1*. some sort of limit would have to be there so it isn't easily farmable, so maybe a limit of 20 tries a day or make the crystal have a 10% chance to get a 1*. I think it would be an easy and harmless way to revamp a part of the game that has been forgotten and address a player pain point
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