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Looking for new alliance

Hi all,
I’m looking for a new alliance. What I can bring is loyalty and someone who takes part in all wars and aq. Looking for an alliance who runs map 5 and hopefully gold 2+ in aw.
I’m not interested in an alliance with massive turnover of players as want somewhere to settle and grow. If your the type of alliance who kicks just before season ends please don’t get in touch.

I have run in platinum aw and consistently map 5 in aq with modifiers on for the past year.
I have line and I’d is Cushy

Many thanks


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    Ric_rollaRic_rolla Posts: 10
    Just sent you an add friend. My line is Ric_Rolla. Please hit me up
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    CushyCushy Posts: 57
    Just taking my wife out for some dinner. I’ll log on when I’m back 🤘🏼
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    SlayerzzSlayerzz Posts: 399
    Hey @Cushy if you are still looking, we have an ally for u. It would be better if you have line app. If you do add me on line. My ID is slayerzz474. If you don't have just tag me and ask your questions
    Thank you
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    mezzman99mezzman99 Posts: 10
    edited August 2020
    @Cushy our alliance is looking to replace some dead weight after this AW. We are an adult world-wide Gold 2 (currently) alliance. We do AQ map5 with modifiers as well. Would appreciate you taking a look. You can add me on Line (mezzman) for further info, hope to hear back from you.
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    JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87

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    PrinceBlazePrinceBlaze Posts: 2
    Hit me up on LINE Ramil0222 if still looking. Gold 1, AQ score 250m. Looking to add after war rewards and before AQ.
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    DorkyDorky Posts: 180
    Hit me up on Line. Dorky101. We are DTEN. If I have to move to map 4 to have you run map5 I will
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    SpiderCWLSpiderCWL Posts: 141
    We are an alliance in the rebuilding process and need players who are willing to help us rebuild and grow. We do 1 group in AQ Map 5, but will definitely increase to 2 or 3 groups when we have the numbers. Also do 1 group in AW (currently Silver 2). No chat app required. Only use the in-game chat. Search for "team martin" if interested.
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    OnkyOnky Posts: 334
    Can't find you on line. My ID is onky707. We are a great fit, solid alliance gold1-2 map 55444. I'm loosing one to retirement.
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    KingofENGKingofENG Posts: 129
    Would be interested in a chat mate if you are :)
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    ChronicGeminiChronicGemini Posts: 104
    Couldn't find you on LINE but if you are still looking hit me up on LINE: chronicgemini
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    Doc_OpsDoc_Ops Posts: 112
    Hmu on line id still looking

    We run map 5x5 and gold 1 AW

    Rarely kick unless it’s needed
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    OnkyOnky Posts: 334

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    CushyCushy Posts: 57
    Hi all, really overwhelmed by all the messages so thank you. I have found an alliance to settle in. Again thank you it’s been really nice to get such a lot of responses.
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    LadyGamer13LadyGamer13 Posts: 144
    We're only silver in war because we're AQ focused with optional AW's. But we run map 5 with modifiers and hit 225m+ AQ points each week.
    We're a good group of adults that communicate and work together.
    We don't have a high turnover rate at all. Usually when we have an opening, it's due to someone needing a break from the game and they usually transfer to our 3rd branch for a break in the game and lower maps.
    If interested, my line ID is: LadyGamer13
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    Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 1,012
    give us a look, looks like a good fit.

    We are a group of moderate players who work together to maximize rewards. Most of us are old school 5x5 burnouts who just enjoy playing without all the AQ/AW pressure. We like to play with those who know and understand the game, and don't have a lot of patience for repeated shenanigans.

    AW: 2 BG's in season, 1-2 BG off season, and sometime run theme tanks in the off season. Last season we were G1, but sometimes are in the G2 range. Usually there is no/little item use in our war effort. 5 war minimum per season.

    AQ: 554, 554, 554, 544, 444 for 180-190+ mil weekly.

    500-750k SA weekly, small minimums just to help us weed out the deadwood, no donations.

    We use discord for group chat and are organized, this is mandatory for all ally members. You don't have to chat and be gabby, just call out routes, etc.

    Holler if this sounds good. We have had a stable roster for several months...come in and enjoy the success.

    groundround#0363 in discord, Ground Round in line, Gound Round in game.
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    Yooooo. Would luv u here bro. Addd me line: acornagent:):):):):):):)
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