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I just beat 6.2.6. The Champion boss was easy now thanks to the nerf (thanks Kabam) and I also took this screenshot.

The fight cost me 1 revive because of the Passive AI problem.

The Rewards:
Pretty meh.

Cavalier Crystals

Featured 5* Crystal (it's a dupe)

I didn't take a screenshot but I got a 3-4 Skill Gem, useless for now.

I used the ISO and gold that I got on my duped 6* Thor (Ragnarok) to lvl 25, took Doc Occ to max lvl (rank 3) and ranked 3 Corvus.

I think I'm goin to start 6.3 tommorow, I know there are some pain fights (looking at you Acid Wash Mysterio) but I'm not going to stop. Hopefully I can beat act 6 by the end of the summer.


  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,175 ★★★★
    Go for it! It’s definitely doable. I cleared 6.3 yesterday, and it was easier than expected. Also, when going for initial completion, you do not have to fight acid wash mysterio.
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