Opinions about changes

Some of the changes may not be useful Like the auto complete quest option the condition defeats the purpose.You can only do it after 💯 completion.. I suggest They make real changes like auto complete milestones in arena ... cause arena takes a lot of time for most of us who want to farm resources but don’t have time to do it. All you’ll have to do is rank up and level up your champs for more points ... no need for tiresome arena grinding... it’s not a compulsory option those who want to grind are free to grind. But that option for arenas will be great .. this will solve the problem with gold and units in the game ... I hope kabam considers this going forward


  • Klimmey2002Klimmey2002 Posts: 6

    Make the option unavailable if we don't qualify, to protect players from accidentally losing their energy for nothing.
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