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8.2 mill alliance looking for one more

The G8TRS are looking for one more to join the ranks. We are an 8.2 mill alliance that run 5-5-5-3-3 and place in the 1400-2100 in expert bracket weekly. We are AW rating of 1700+ and go between tier 2-3.

Current donations are:
80k gold
17.5k BC
7.5k loyalty

We are a semi-competitive alliance but like to keep a lower pressure feel (hence the 5-5-5-3-3 in AQ).

Minimum prestige of 4200, need to have enough r5 4* and r3 or r4 5* to have good attackers and a stout defense.

Message me in game at MROD77 or on Line at MROD77 for more details and to answer any questions.


  • MRod77MRod77 Posts: 154
    We still have a spot open, a member wants to step back for a bit. Message me for details.
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