sp3 damage

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So I dueled a rocket racoon with captain marvel, used sp3, more damage than her regular sp3. Rhis is just an example, most sp3 don't do the same damage for the same hero rate character. I think if you have a r5 level 50 ultron and a r5 level 50 Scarlett witch their sp3 should do the same damage. Thanks.


  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    Am I understanding this right, you want all champs to do the exact same damage on their L3?
  • ZzyzxGuyZzyzxGuy Posts: 1,292 ★★★
    Let's just have all the same champs with all the same moves and abilities. Palette swaps ftw.
  • AgentOfSHIELDAgentOfSHIELD Posts: 50
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    Captain Marvel is balanced if you want to see OP special attacks look at Storm, or possibly Star Lord the 12.0 nerf did nothing
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