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If it ain't broke, don't fix.

Really, nothing was wrong with the previous AW system apart from alliances swapping shells to maintain winning streaks in quest for 5* shards.

It is possible for alliances o easily 100% maps because defender kills play no part in scoring. This would lead to 100%-100% wars whereby defender rating and diversity points are determining factors. Ridiculous ain't it? Alliances win simply because they have a roster that's better than the other. There's no skill involved. There's no strategy involved. Just place your best diverse champs fitted with all sorts of boosts and you're guraanteed a win even before attack phase begins. Defender kills were removed because the game devs felt us players feeling 'discouraged' whenever we get killed on a node. But isn't that why we have items and backup players to help someone struggling on a path? Or even give up because spending items on a really tough war was pointless? Nope, such a 'discouragement' is now relived because ONLY DIVERSITY AND DEFENDER RATING POINTS play a part in deciding a win or loss.

So what are some alliances doing to counter the above mentioned? They roll out maps with no defenders placed. This instantly gives the other alliance 0 points in attacker kills. Almost effectively losing the war before it even begins.Maxing Diversity points MAY mitigate these incidents, but this shouldn't be the case whereby alliances are FORCED into choosing 5 different classed defenders just to counter defenceless maps.Where's the flexibility that was once present in AW before diversity came along?

See what you have done Kabam? You have sucked out the incentive and drive to play AW like we used to before. Hopefully the thread is corroborated with SS of examples above ( not sure how to post them). The community HATES the new system. And no, don't counter me with theory and words fed by your game devs. I highly doubt that they even evaluated the impacts of such a scoring system. What I'm telling is facts of what's truly happpening in the game. Please change it before another wave of players say it's time for goodbyes....
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