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AQ fight not starting - Lost half health thrice

The AQ fight in Map 5 is not starting. I lost half health of my R5 5* CapIW thrice. I tried restarting game and also the phone but the problem keeps persisting. Why ?


  • Maximus_AuroMaximus_Auro Posts: 19
    I have been timed out more than 7 times because the AQ fight is not starting and I have lost almost the full health of my 2 AQ attackers.

    Could it be because I joined a new alliance yesterday and I am still under lock out period. If so, How come I was able to join AQ and take down one enemy champion but can't proceed further ?
  • ShamirShamir Posts: 2
    I'm also facing same problem
  • ShamirShamir Posts: 2
    Shamir said:

    I'm also facing same problem

  • Maximus_AuroMaximus_Auro Posts: 19
    I tried deleting the game and reinstalling it but the problem is persisting.

    The game freezes when I press the fight button in AQ and I get timed out and lose half health of my champion.

    I haven't been able to do AQ today because of this problem.
  • TheHorrorTheHorror Posts: 28
    something like this?
  • NopedroooNopedrooo Posts: 116
    This happened the other day to a guy in my alliance.. we would see the timer of his fight and shortly after he had made zero points and lost half health.. which is just a very hard thing to do. This happened a few times with different champs.
  • Maximus_AuroMaximus_Auro Posts: 19
    Is this issue only in AQ Map 5 ? Will I be able to play in AQ Map 4 ? I haven't been able to play AQ since yesterday.

    It is almost impossible to remain in an alliance unless summoners contribute in AQ.

    Kabam should look into this matter ASAP.
  • SplamBorginSplamBorgin Posts: 211
    This issue happens to me in incursions a whole bunch.
  • Maximus_AuroMaximus_Auro Posts: 19
    I am now able to start AQ fight but it is taking about 20 to 25 seconds to start the fight.

    I frantically press the fight button fearing that I may be timed out and lose half health of my champion.

    AQ is becoming stressful because of this fight button lag issue. Please do something.
  • Maximus_AuroMaximus_Auro Posts: 19
    I again lost half health of my R5 5* CapIW today in AQ Map 5. The AQ fight button is frozen and I am being timed out.

  • ShivamrineShivamrine Posts: 10
    edited August 2020

    Same is happening with me I'm using Android. When we tap fight everything freezes and timer which cause the lost of half hp
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