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The sense of adding new content

kraioszerokraioszero Posts: 135
edited August 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
What is the sense of adding new content if it gets more frustrating than enjoyable Most of the time due to your lack of hability on fixing the game issues?

Currently we have
- In-batlle animation Microlag
- Micro connectivity and network issues (it always falls on the side of the player so you know, half life out of nothing)
- Random hits into the air
- Animation lag as soon at the word fight goes away
- Last hit in a 5 combo sequence almost never connecting, even more when finishing the combo chain with a special attack
-Special attack "button" not reacting "the way it is supposed to"
- Dashing back instead of Dashing forward or viceversa
- Shorter dashback
- Dashing out of nothing
- Combo not reaching objective when intercepting
- Combo chain "in place" instead of starting after a Dashing forward
- Longer loading times followed by a "jump" in the animation followed by a Speed up on it
- Combo chain keeps animating even after you have finished touching the screen
- Parry timing does not work properly, or even not working at all
- Game not registering progress

All that and more, without mentioning the problems we just had in the last versión, just to mention alliance war and alliance quest, server problems..

So what is the sense?
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