Kabam strategy making Money

More node so you spend more money to revive.
Less change of getting 4 star when opening crystal so your addiction to get 4 star play play a key buying buying.
the big alliance dont help the small alliance because of pride to be a winner. so to stay on top.
Only 20 minutes a day to play. No not believe me you are getting addicted and spend more your time.


  • After your champ now Kabam will bring more champ to defit your present champ the around new champ again.
    wake up guys and girls.
  • Is Kabam not actually a charity then? Did they not set this game up as a free service just to help us all and pay all the expenses of running it out of their own pocket with no thought of themselves?

    Is that what you are telling us all? They dont have 3000+ employees to pay and massive overheads and other bills etc to pay? To do this they need to make money, is that not allowed or fair then?
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