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My 1 year anniversary on the forums!

EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
I’m pretty sure that 1 year ago I made my first forums post. This happened right when we were getting a free generic 4 star awakening gem from the summoner appreciation calendar, and I made a poll about who I should awaken(the gem ended up going to stark spidey). For fun, I’m going to take a stroll down memory lane and talk about my progression.
May 2016
A close friend of mine convinced me to download the game. I watched him play, show off his 4 star electro, and I was sold. For my name, I pressed the screen a bunch of times and received “Edeuink,” which is still my in game name. I began working my way through act 1, making sure to 100% each quest before moving on to the next one.
June-August 2016
I’m putting these months together because they’re basically the same. I slowly finished exploring act 1 and began act 2, aided by my 2 star superior iron man. Soon, I got incredibly lucky from a daily crystal and acquired my first 3 star, ultron. I also remember that I chose the iron man side during the civil war event, but did not do the event quest. Additionally, I created an alliance that never did well.
September-October 2016
These 2 months are basically the same. I got my first 4 star, ultron, plus another 4 star in old man Logan. By now, my roster was mainly r3 ultron, r2 old man Logan, maxed 3 star ultron, and 3 star punisher. The first Login calendar came out around this time, allowing me to pick up a 2 star quake. I then made the best decision of my life and quit the game.
March 2019
Someone convinced me to make the worst decision for my life and bank account, and return to the game. I had unknowingly linked my account to Game Center in 2016 and got it back. I was also still terrible at the game. I completed Battlerealm under siege on heroic difficulty, though it was very hard for me, especially the nick fury boss. Additionally, the intel store helped me get some resources, so I took my 4 star ultron to r4 and used an awakening gem on 4 star drax. I pushed for act 3 completion, and struggled a ton. On thanos, I blew through 360 units and asked a friend to gift me more. I eventually beat thanos, and opened a 4 star crystal from the act 3 rewards. I was saying who I got, and I texted someone, “I beat act 3 and got falcon.” I watched as the champion popped up, however, and it said, “Blade.” I was extremely excited for my first good 4 star and I started getting more and more 4 stars.
April-June 2019
Don’t worry, I was still terrible at mcoc. I blundered through act 4 with ultron, blade, Stark spidey, magneto, and old man Logan. I also started to 100% heroic event quest, and got my first 5 star because I cheesed master difficultly in April with the hulk infinity stone. Of course, the 5 star was iron fist.
July-September 2019
I got conqueror in July so I could do master class trips. The class trips got me my 2nd 5 star, x-23. In August, I completed master eq for the first time. That was also when I made my first forum post about who to use an awakening gem on. Next, I joined an alliance that a friend made, and it was awful. We barely got any glory because we didn’t start aq, and in aw we couldn’t get past silver 3. I also still sucked at the game. One of the few good things that happened in this period was pulling 2 decent 5 stars in namor and darkhawk.
October-December 2019
I was still bad at the game. I know, surprising? I did manage to get uncollected though, which was nice. I also found an alliance who ran map 4 and was silver 1 in aw. In December, I hit another milestone by clearing hall of heroes on epic and uc eq. Additionally, I found time to 100% act 4.
January-March 2020
I beat act 5 and wasn’t bad at the game anymore. I also managed to spend 1 million acorns and awaken 5 star void. To go along with that, I picked up a warning on the forums(my only one so far), for [Redacted]. Finally, I did my first 100% of uc eq in March.
April-August 2020
I’m bored now and need to drink unbranded grape juice, so I’ll be going to fast.
1. Cavalier
2. Map 5 and map 6
3. 6.2
4. Gold 1 aw
5. 6.3
6. Canadian difficultly
7. Actually pretty good at the game now.
I hope you got a good laugh out of reading this post. It was fun for me to look back, and I will (probably) try to update this post with anything I forgot. Anyway, I’m really bored now and my thumbs hurt because I typed this on an iPhone. Bye!


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