please please PLEASE rework Sentry - possible champion rebuff

So, we all know that the "roadmap" has several champions scheduled to be reworked. But, Is there any chance at all to get a rework for the Sentry? I mean, he is one of my favorite champions in MCOC, and I had hopes of him replacing my Hyp, when I started working on my four star roster. However, I was sadly let down, as he has no where near the power that he should have... to quote Marvel "Robert Reynolds gained superhuman abilities and became the Sentry, one of the most powerful beings the Marvel Universe has ever seen."
The Void works great, however, considering "he" was the fear of all other super hero's in the MCU at one point in time, he could maybe use a revisit? I digress. If there was one champion I would love to see reworked, and given ACTUAL powers close to what the Marvel Universe has given them, Sentry would be my vote.

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