Glory store item timer off

Purchased a glory Crystal I want to say three days ago. Yesterday when I went in to purchase another it still said I was at 4/5. Today it says I am 4/5 and the timer says 2d:21:05 I don't remember what the refresh time actually is but I think it's only three days.

Also purchased level one revive Believe yesterday and that timer also says 2d:21:05. Not sure exactly what is broken but something sure seems to be. If for no other reason then the two timers should not be identical… And I should be able to purchase another glory Crystal by now at starting price.

Sorry I'm a little vague on details I don't make a note of everything I do in anticipation for errors :-)


  • Hey Wimaks!

    The refresh timer on a Glory Crysal is actually 8 days, so that's why that one hasn't reset yet, but also it should be noted that the timers run globally, and not for each individual account and purchase. So it's possible for you to purchase a Glory crystal, and then only have a 1 day counter, depending on when in the cycle you made the purchase.

    I'll check to make sure, but it doesn't look like anything is off here!
  • WimaksWimaks Posts: 105
    Eight days, seriously? For a standard glory Crystal. OK, I guess that answers it. Thanks
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