LF 2 cavalier team players. AQ mix maps 654, score 210 mil, War G2.

We are a friendly and relaxed but still highly active group. Many of us have played together for years and we value having fun with the game and teammates highly.

AQ varies daily between 655 down to 544 depending on the circumstances. We want to smash as much as possible but we also have lives to live alongside the game. Weekly score between 200-220 million.

AW is normally 3 bgs with full participation, but for S19 we took a step down to 2 bgs since the new war format looked a little less fun than before. We landed in Gold 2 this season.

Season 20 will at firs be 2BGs with set groups of volunteers. Last 5 wars will be 3 BGs and mandatory.

Communication, participation and being a team player is a must. We use Line for communication.

For more information add "Ohlinho" in game or on LINE.

Stay safe
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