Map666 Ally casual-AW LF2M (27mil size | 300mil+, PM, 470 rank score)

Join the family!

We are recruiting for our AQ Map 6/6/6casual-AW alliance.

We have polished AQ performance! We are a team of experienced players (taking a break from Map 6 | Platinum 4). We are 27mil size. many players are from the same team previously. Weekly rewards are top 500 in AQ. We always score over the the 300mil peak milestone yielding 5 Map7 crystals, atop the 25+ Map6 crystals too!

Please message me on Line app: Gestorter or Gotszbot


AW-Casual, Defined:

We are casual-AW too. To us we define that as 2 BGs, without item spend. We are too of Silver 1 this season, 1 fight from Gold3. Not bad for a casual approach!



* For these teams, having at least 4 r5 champs are necessary.
* Map6 experience is a must
* North American players are preferred, but any are welcome to apply!
* Recruits must LIKE playing this game. We can show players how to grow and get to expert level (Map6|Plat4), but only if they are having fun!
* To us, enjoying the game means you probably already log in 4+ times a day and likely are not offline for more than 9hrs.
* Recruits also should be ambitious to complete monthly quests to grow their accounts.
* Donations are Gold: 250k, Loyalty: 18k, Battle Chips: 24,200 (exactly 44u)


Side Benefit:

If you can excel here, we recruit into a more dedicated team from within our family. Our main 5 year old team "[CABL0] Cabal Prime" (Plat 4 | Map 6) shows the strength of our gameplay experience.

We have created a family of alliances called the Cabal Coalition. Our mission is to allow AQ Map 6 players take a break into a Map 5 team, for Map 5 players to upgrade into Platinum AW, and to allow us to better recruit from within the family.

We even have a Map4 learning team, a map 2/3 team, and a retirement/vacation home!

Coalition Makeup
[CABL0] | Cabal Prime | Map 6 | Plat 4
[CABL1] | Cabal Kings | Map 666 | casual-AW
[CABL2] | Cabal UA | Map 5 | Gold 2
[CABL4] | Cabal SerpX | Map 5 | casual-AW
[CABL5] | Cabal Revenge | Map 544 | Gold 2
[CABL6] | Cabal Intelligence Agency | Map 4 | casual-AW
[CABL3] | Cabal CUA | Map 32-retirement | casual-AW

Please message me on Line app: Gestorter


  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Still seeking for the map666 casual aw alliance.
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Looking for a few more now.
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Family recruiting. Cabal kings looking for more. Line: Gotszbot
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    LF1M for Cabal Kings 6x5 casual aw. Recruiting for family in general.
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Seeking 2 players any time zone for 6x5 casual aw ally
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236

    Still needing people so we don't run backup accounts.
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Looking for 2 asap, and looking for several after aw on the 15th. Line: Gotszbot
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Still seeking for 2 asap CABL1 6x5 and several after aw season ends on the 15th, aw starts around the 30th tentatively and would
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Looking for players to fill some spots throughout family and 6x5.. Message me on line
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Seeking for a 2 players for Kings to fill the gap now that aq series is done and season is over.
    Bg1/bg2 6x5, bg3 66655 with working up to map6 asap. Need the key players to bridge the gap to reach 6x5 of bg3.
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