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BWCV or Sym Supreme

DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
Hi guys,

The newest variant got me very excited and I just did a completion run.
My main team for most quests was Doom r2 6*, Sym Sup r4 5*, Venom r4 5*, BWCV r4 5*, Carnage r1 6*
Some quests I switched in Gwenpool and dr voodoo.

I was lucky enough to pull a mystic r5 gem from completion.
But I am not quite sure between sym supreme (duped) and BWCV (unduped).
I cannot tell clearly which of the 2 champs I used the most. I did already do the bleed vunerability path which Sym sup was a beast for.

I have done all other variants (2-4 100%) and have done act 6 ones.

Considering I will use this new r5 for exploration and after this quest. What is the most solid option?

I run suicides, and no mystic dispersion yet. However I am working on a build in which I can run suicides and 3 points in mystic dispersion.

(I would like to use my catalysts for venom, because I simply love the champ, if that changes anything)


  • FiiNCHFiiNCH Posts: 773 ★★★★
    Both are good - I’d go for BWCV though.

    SS is undoubtably the best in buff heavy match-ups, but BWCV is the overall better questing champ IMO.

    She’s also suicide friendly, which works with your build.
  • PrincenayarwPrincenayarw Posts: 316 ★★
    I lean towards BWCV because of her versatility in managing matchups.. the regen, power steal, triple immunities and significant damage increase on hellfire sp2 and sp3 death touch so she has the damage as well as the best kit of utility however sym supreme is a good option as well anyway and you can't really go wrong but his damage ramp up time is all you need to finish a fight with BWCV....
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