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Looking for map 5 merger

We are looking for a merger to help us get up to 30 members. We are currently running map 5x5 in order to stay in expert tier with only 2 bgs. We may drop to 5x3 or 5x4 depending on prestige and the skill level of all players in the merger. We're a reasonable group who treats things like family and are all looking to grow together.
My line id and IGN is: breynolds11
Hit me up if your interested


  • VartoxVartox Posts: 202
    What's your alliance TAG?
  • Breynolds11Breynolds11 Posts: 40
    Alliance tag is GWAR
  • Sent friend request. Noticed there may be a husband and wife duo in the group... which we have 2 of as well. Definitely intetested in a map 5 merger. We just began rebuilding after breaking of from our old Alli. There are currently 15 of us. CoLG2 tag
  • Breynolds11Breynolds11 Posts: 40
    We are still looking!
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