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Slow motion graphics in story quest

The new update is great. A lot faster and a lot of bug fixes so far. However, I've been going for act 4 completion and chapter 4.1 has been doing this thing where newly faced characters give fights that are in slow motion, lagging so much that my timing for everything is compromised because reaction time is that slow (blocking after 5 hit combos, blocking after RECEIVING 5 hit combos, parries, special attacks, EVERYTHING) and it's been particularly annoying because I've had to die in order for the speed to be back to normal. I've tried special quests and they seem to be at normal speed, but story questing has been near impossible. My revive usage has been insane and unjustified.
Please investigate this matter.



  • GabermcgGabermcg Posts: 5
    I have had the same problem in 4.4.1
  • Vir2015Vir2015 Posts: 4
    Same for me in Act 5 ... whenever fight has snowfall background
  • Son_of_Rage1Son_of_Rage1 Posts: 41
    Same problem for me. On act 4 chapter 3.1 pre update ran the longest path and used no revives. After update used 14 revives and all my health potions on shorter less difficult path. My champs were virtually unresponsive. Couldn't block, parry, or dash back. Just got wrecked from start to finish.

    iPhone 7
    Lastest ISO
    App up to date
  • I noticed that when the snow background is in effect there is terrible lag. Hopefully someone sees and can address the issue.
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