Will this guy work for crossbones ?

SuperiorSymbioteSuperiorSymbiote Posts: 1,773 ★★★★★


  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 7,345 ★★★★★
    his damage probably isn't good enough
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 2,443 ★★★★★
    Theoretically, yes. You can spam the SP1 to hopefully nullify the regen

    In practicality though...
  • SneakykoSneakyko Posts: 176 ★★
    People seem to forget his sp1 has a good nullify it’s gonna be a long fight but he can do it just boost up as much as you can
  • GOTGGOTG Posts: 590 ★★★
    He has many utilities, just the damage sucks.
  • M00SEMANM00SEMAN Posts: 39
    You can use Dormy it will be a slow fight. If you don’t know there is a trick to get a little extra heavy damage. Heavy once and you will see a number appear under you opponents power bar. If you wait until it reaches 100 and heavy again you get some extra damage that way. Your other option is to take 5 heavy hitters boost up and plow your way through. That’s what I had to do I had no counters at the time
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