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I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (2017) and whenever I do aw, aq, quests, arena, incursions, it randomly reboots itself during gameplay, loading , updating the game. Also, if I log into the game after the reboot it says you were disconnected in a fight otherwise I lose a fight in arena or lose half my damn health in aq, aq, quests or incursions. Have this phone for 2 years and I am really frustrated. It reboots by itself, and then it battery decreases rapidly and the phone is dead within a day. Should I buy a new phone or is there any solution to this? Any recommendations would help a lot. Thanks.
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    Id reccomend buying a new phone, is your phone at the latest update / version of itself. That may be the issue
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    Android version 8.1.0
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    Samsung phones usually seem to have performance issues in mcoc (no exact reason to pinpoint at)
    Probably get a new phone from some other company? I also use a device with 8.1 it works alright but surely not as bad as what you've described
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    Mines a J7 and it works fine just saying
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