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Which 6* to R3: Ghost or Guillotine 2099?

TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 1,036 ★★★★
Just finished V5 exploration and it gave me enough tech T5cc to R3 a tech! Guillotine 2099 is awakened at sig 25. Ghost is awakened at sig 90. I enjoy em both pretty equally, so it comes down to who benefits the most from the added damage.

I'm leaning heavily towards Ghost, but I was curious if anyone here had a R3 Guillotine 2099 and could share the experience. I still have Abyss (completion and exploration) and later chapters in Act 6 to explore. I remember someone telling me that a R3 guillotine really opened her up to a lot more content, but I forget who told me that and I don't know if it's even true.

Which 6* to R3: Ghost or Guillotine 2099? 18 votes

Amazing_Demon05TotalMonster109Mike439TRONG94Sarvanga1_Thicco_ModeKeniutekGr8TonyStarkTheBair123HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYeetusTheFoetuszerozZippy_halligan 13 votes
Guillotine 2099
TITAN7Kill_GreyedricRenaxqqodishika123 5 votes
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