Warlock sp1 first hit whiff

Since the update During monthly eq I parry defender and warlocks first hit of sp1 just whiffs on stunned defender. Sometimes he completes the animation and the rest of the special makes contact and sometimes it’s blocked. Ive even been countered as soon as his animation is complete. Warlock is my top champ and I use him a lot. This has never happened before.

Also don’t know if this a bug or not... Archangel mid heavy attack against nick fury was interrupted with a sp2. This happened right when his lmd was destroyed. Does fury have the ability to become stun immune and attack like this right when lmd is destroyed?


  • RubeniumRubenium Posts: 11
    Yes Warlock is definitely bugged. There is a thread about it but Kabam is ignoring the issue and hasn’t said anything regarding the issues with Warlock. It just happened to me in AQ. Sp1 missing.
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