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Which skill champ to Rank 5 or Rank 2 (6*) ?

Which one from two will be more useful in general questing and Act 6 exploration. I already have Aegon R5, Blade R5 & Stealth Spidey R5 in skill class.

Which skill champ to Rank 5 or Rank 2 (6*) ? 6 votes

Elsa Bloodstone 5* (duped)
CiciliatoArsozPastorAmericaDoctor_Strange19odishika123YeetusTheFoetus 6 votes
Ronin 6* (duped)


  • PastorAmericaPastorAmerica Posts: 265 ★★
    Elsa Bloodstone 5* (duped)
    I love both of these champs and I think either could be really useful. Elsa is just so much fun, especially if you run suicides. Plus I find incinerate champs to be pretty valuable these days. So I would probably lean towards Elsa personally.
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