Any Thing experts around?

solopolosolopolo Posts: 546 ★★★
Just pulled a Thing out of the dual class crystals and I've heard he's good. What can I do with him outside of war defense?

For synergies I have Sue and Torch in 4*, don't have Reed at all, don't have any of the other F4 members in 5*. I do have Champion and Korg in 5* though. I also have a science awakening gem if that does anything for him.


  • PrincenayarwPrincenayarw Posts: 357 ★★
    You want heimdall, the champion, hela and angela as synergy the F4 synergy isnt too effective for him.
  • Doctor_Strange19Doctor_Strange19 Posts: 235 ★★★
    He’s also great be himself! An absolute tank with the awakened ability, but it kinda needs max sig, if you’re willing to make that investment. He also steamrolls Variant 2.
  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 703 ★★
    He is great even on his own. Check YT for some good videos on him.
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