Mephisto vs Mephisto Power Gain issue - Non-Aura, Out of Range Opponent Still Gains Power

Assuming this is a bug...

In a Mephisto vs Mephisto match, when either proc an aura of incineration, and the opponent enters range of aura, but then leaves the range of the aura, that opponent continues to gain power (even after the aura expires).
-This is observable with or without any sp3 usage.
-The power gain from one of Mephisto's own auras turns off properly. The persistent power gain issue only occurs from the aura of the opponent. The trigger to turn off power gain from being out of range of an opponent's aura appears faulty.

A couple scenarios that I have observed:

1. Mephisto (M1) triggers aura of incineration from either being struck or striking, while Mephisto (M2) does not have an aura of his own, and when (M2) leaves the aura's range, (M2) will continue to gain power even after the aura expires. Then, if (M2) gains his own aura, and then it expires while out of the range of (M1)'s aura then the power gain will be turned off. Then again, if (M2) reenters (M1)'s aura and leaves, (M2) will have persistent power gain again.
2. If both (M1) and (M2) trigger aura while striking and being struck, and they separate out of range of each other, and stay out of range until the auras expire, neither will continue to have power gain. It appears that one's own aura is successful in turning off the power gain. However, scenario 1. can occur afterwards.

(The scenario is also true even if sp3 is used: If neither (M1) nor (M2) have aura, and during the time that (M1) launches an sp3 in which (M2) has two bars of power (setting up a permanent aura on (M1)), after the sp3 animation, (M1) will obviously have power gain from his own aura, but (M2) will not because (M2) is set out of range after animation ends. However, as soon as (M2) enters (M1)'s aura, (M2) will continue to have power gain every time he leaves (M1)'s aura's range. However, if (M2) gains his own aura and then it expires while (M2) is out of range of (M1), then (M2) will stop gaining power. If (M2) enters (M1)'s aura again and leaves, (M2) will now have persistent power gain again.)

This I've experienced happening most recently exploring Variant 5, but also tested and confirmed it a few times in duels today.

Apologies, but I'm having an issue providing a video at the moment, but it is easily observed in a duel. - Attack until either one triggers an aura. Back away, out of range of the aura, and the one that does not have an aura will continuously gain power.

(Everything appears correct when Mephisto is fighting Torch. Torch does not gain smolder or temperature when out of the range of Mephisto's aura.)

If it matters: iPhone 8 plus, iOS 13.6
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