Poor synergy teams?

LunaeLunae Posts: 371 ★★★
Anyone think it’s ridiculous to give synergies to champions who have no business being on the same team. I had this thought earlier, but why would I bring Sym Suprme with Doctor Strange or Mephisto with Ghost Rider/Dr. Strange/SS? Lol is this why Ghost Rider isn’t incinerate immune.

This may be a bad example because you could say bring Meph for his immunities, Blade, GR (bleed immune) and your solid, but anyone else have any better examples if only just to vent or am I not thinking it through enough.

Would you rather they ditch the whole lore thing and just go with practical synergies that actual benefit team building? I love little references, but I could do without them here or a least would have a mix where one champion honors the lore and the other is more practical in team building.
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