Revamp daily quest - thoughts?

StrStr Posts: 547 ★★
Isn't it about time we had a revamp of the daily events and the arenas.

Daily suggestions:
- triple the amount of t4b available from the daily arena and reduce the cost of energy movement too.
- add a t5b daily event which reward 450-900 t5b; with 2 paths of similar difficulty to uncollected
- buff the t3cc to guarantee 2/3 for full exploration and quadruple the t4cc reward. Reducing energy cost for movement.
- add a t1a quest. Full exploration should reward 1 t1a, but the energy coat can cost 60 energy for full exploration
- and t2a daily quest. Full exploration rewards 720 t2a fragements, but energy cost is 70 energy.

These changes would allow mid level players more opportunity to get the all important resources to rank up their first r4 and r5 champs. Most endgame players probably wouldn't bother doing these every day due to the high energy costs and low return for time invested.

Thoughts and comments?

NB: I also think that other areas also need buffs for rewards and these changes should happen in-line with making buff rewards for uncollected and new cav difficulty.
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