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Who gets my 4* skill awakening and 3 to 4 rank up gem?

Lobster44Lobster44 Posts: 147
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I have a 5* Blade so this is really my second priority for skill rank up, again since I have Blade I'm not too fussed about having another skill attacker but Aegon is useful for when I bother to complete RoL but I only have like 20 4* generic/skill sig stones combined and ik Aegon needs high sig so idk if that's enough to warrant ranking him up over Korg who is really good for AW defense and idt needs the sig stones (please correct me if I'm wrong) so seems way more immediately useful. Not to mention I don't really enjoy playing Aegon but then again I've never had the dupe so idk if that will make him more fun. Again this really isn't even close to top of my priorities for iso (currently lacking in it) or rank up materials, even if 3 to 4 isn't much so waiting isn't really going to press on me much and if I get a 5* of one I'd obviously prioritize that, it's just a case of which do I dump my free stuff into.

Edit: In terms of progression I'm pushing for UC and only have 4 5*s currently (2 of whom suck)

Who gets my 4* skill awakening and 3 to 4 rank up gem? 4 votes

Thicco_ModeahmedsabeckOmedennCrcrcrc 4 votes
Wait to naturally dupe or get a 5* of one of them
Some other solution (plz tell)
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