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Summoner showdown leaderboard

FintechFintech Posts: 178 ★★★
Does anyone know if the leaderboard updated today? I got a new personal record yesterday but i still see my previous time and i can't spot any changes on other peoples times either


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    FintechFintech Posts: 178 ★★★

    I wonder after you have done a fight, how long would it take to appear on the leaderboard...

    It updates once every 24h
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    xNigxNig Posts: 7,313 ★★★★★
    Update is abit iffy this time. Looks like it’s gonna be a mystery until the winners are announced later today.
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    DrkaraDrkara Posts: 79
    Anyone else think the summoner showdown should be renamed “week 1 Medusa showdown”. It’s unfortunate the buffs on surfer restrict you to certain champs. Almost defeats the purpose of the competition to test skill, but rather test the skill only with right champ.
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