Small group looking for 6x5 AQ top 250 or close to it.

Small group looking for a new home must be map 6 x 5 running heroic and master modifiers and AW G1 minimum

Our average prestige is 1045

AW we want a relaxed atmosphere, we like to clear our lanes and the bosses but don’t like over zealous alliances where boosting every fight etc is a must. It’s nice to win but it’s not life and death.

AQ we expect to finish with time to spare

Same bg would be ideal but not a must.

Contact me on line Corbycodes


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    Lord_PhazerLord_Phazer Posts: 26
    We will be a perfect match for you, the only difference being we run 5X5 AQ; epic and master modifiers and easily reaching 255M score in AQ. We are also interested in starting map6. Contact me on Line (ID: phazer1), if interested.
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