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15.0 Alliance War Update

I've got a couple main issues to address with the AW update today, and I figured discussing them here would be a good idea.
Firstly, I'm glad they're actually trying to fix the system. The 15.0 update changed a lot of things, and while I think they were trying to fix the old system and applaud that, I think there could've been things done better. And with this update dropping, I had to say something because I don't think these are the changes we need.

My main point is Diversity. It's a great concept, and I think it gets a lot of things right, but to me, diversity should not extend across all three BGs. To me, diversity is about not having to face twelve Dispersion Juggernauts in a row, but I think limiting alliances to ONE Juggernaut across all three BGs is overkill. If every BG has to face one Juggernaut, so be it! And if the point is to prevent the spamming of the usual bosses like Dormammu, Nightcrawler, etc, then dock alliances for having the same bosses. I really think diversity should be separate for the 3 BGs.

My other point is about the reduction of attacker kill points. I get what they're trying to do, but I would have liked to see Defense kill points come back. If an alliance places no defense, they get no defender kills. That should damage their points a lot. Wars now have really devolved into spamming potions, and I don't like that. It's great for money, I'm sure, since everyone is buying potions and revives, but because of the lack of consequences for continually dying, it is very possible for the victor to be decided by whichever alliance spends more money. And that, to me, isn't right.


  • You clearly don't know how kabam works, "what's right" is of little to no importance to them "what's $right$" is more their language. I'm sure mike will post something like "well this post isn't really constructive let's give this a shot and WHEN this fails and everyone is still upset we'll mess the system up again even more". Give or take a few words.
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