Suggested changes to AW nodes

After setting up the defenses 4 times on the new map I have a few suggested changes that I think should be made to improve the challenge and correct some nodes that just don't make any sense.

The biggest ones are nodes 55 and the other mini boss node that has Limber. The node linked to both of these has stun immunity. Unless I'm missing something then that has absolutely no reason to be there. I suggest switching the limber on the mini boss nodes to the nodes leading to them that are linked.

Also there are entirely too many poison enhance nodes on the board. There are about 5 or so champions I can think of at the moment that even cause poison damage. Aside from abomination none of them are particularly good defenders. I can't comment on king Groot as I haven't fought him in aw yet but either way there isn't any reason to have more than 1 or 2 enhanced poison nodes.

Too many enhanced regeneration nodes. They aren't very useful. Not when regeneration can be nullified so easily. Mystic champions essentially ruling the game right now so most bring someone with nullify abilities along.

That said here are a few node types I'd like to see more of. Unblockable sp1/2. Just unblockable. They don't need to be enhanced, or even bias in many cases.

Mystic ward. There's only one node that has it and it only links with 1 or 2 others I believe. Setting that up with some of the nodes that just increase champion health and attack by 50-100% would make more champions viable choices. Instead of limber for mini boss node that is in the center of the last part of the map, I can't recall the specific number, that has increased energy resistance and kinectic reactor maybe mystic ward could replace it. That node is particularly weak anyways compared to the others.

So that's my evaluation and suggested changes. I don't expect to see anything changed but at minimum it would be great if they took off that limber on mini boss nodes, it's only wasting space where a useful node could be instead.
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