Who to rank 4?

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Both 5 stars. But

Who to rank 4? 19 votes

Sorceror Supreme( currently at r3)
Doctor_Strange19 1 vote
Ghost (currently 1/25)
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  • KingKevin8KingKevin8 Posts: 114 ★★
    Ghost (currently 1/25)
    Watch a few videos of how to play ghost on youtube, practice a few times in ROL, practice a little on a stun immune node, then congratulations you have received a top 2 champion in the game. Enjoy!
  • Iron_Patriot_is_litIron_Patriot_is_lit Posts: 1,597 ★★★★★
    Ghost (currently 1/25)
    If you have a wasp and a hood then rank up ghost. If you don’t have a wasp, or a hood, rank up ghost.
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    Ghost (currently 1/25)
    Not too farmiliar with Sorcerer Supreme. I do have a maxed out 4 star Ghost and she's awesome. And I really don't know how to play her super well either
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