8.9 Million Family Oriented Alliance/ 55553 AQ (Expert)/Tier 4 AW/ Looking for Long Term New Member

Greeting Summoners!! Star Citizen is recruiting and looking for 1-3 players to jump on board with us. We are a family oriented alliance, we are wanting this fit to be a long term situation. We are completely drama free and keep the fun in the game, although we got some grinders lemme tell you. We have excellent communication and fantastic gameplay for where we respectively sit rating wise. We obviously focus on alliance events, AQ/AW/SA/24hr & 3 day events We run 55553 in AQ (~80,000,000+) to avoid any burn outs but vote weekly in case we ever want a 5x5 push. Also run AW simultaneously. If this seems like it may suit you, reach out on LINE and lets chat and talk more logistics. We are ready and I hope you are too! In-Game: GrizzlyMint LINE ID: grizzlymint Alliance Tag: S.C.
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