Who should I use my Mystic AG on?

Alvin69Alvin69 Posts: 70 ★★
I have a 5* Mystic AG waiting to be used. I've been thinking of using it on either my Morningstar or my Magik.

Who should I use my Mystic AG on? 11 votes

Morningstar (Rank 4)
BonzodavidVa5S7KudhaYeetusTheFoetus 3 votes
Magik (Rank 5)
BrokenCiciliatoMikailin626MCOC_JCM 4 votes
Wait for someone else (Please specify in comments)
Moot4LifeThe_Blue_JaguarGr8TonyStarkXmas-Monke 4 votes


  • Tru100Tru100 Posts: 145
    Morningstar is good use of it if u like using her, helps her a lot.

    Magik doesn’t need it as much, but She’s a great champ u have at r5, so might be worth using it. For most of the mystic class, champs like a Doom ,Longshot, Claire, Sorc and Sym Supreme, the awakening is a nice boost but not needed as much as champs like Fury, Aegon, Medusa. So whether u should save it is up to u. Mojo prob the only mystic that demands it.
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