Event Quest Rewards Update and Cavalier Difficulty


The wait is almost over! The Cavalier difficulty for Event Quests is almost here, and with it, we’re making significant changes to Event Quests!

Cavalier Difficulty


For a back story on this new difficulty level, the intentions, and what to expect, look back at our Dev Diary on the Future of Quests.

As a reminder: The new Cavalier Event Quest difficulty will be available to those that have achieved the Cavalier title, but that does not mean that once you reach the Cavalier title, exploring, or even completing it will be a breeze.

We are building an easy path in each Quest so that any Cavalier player can attempt to obtain the completion rewards without a super-wide roster. The completion rewards will help you develop your roster, helping you rank up your 5-Stars Champions up to Rank 5.

Once your roster is more expansive and your skills sharper, you’ll be able to challenge yourself by attempting the exploration. Exploring the Cavalier difficulty would require either a fair amount of skill, a wide range of ranked-up Champions, or a lot of power!

Rewards Structure

The rewards distribution for Cavalier Difficulty is drastically different from other Event Quest difficulties. There are no Act Completion rewards. Instead, the rewards for Chapter completion and exploration are the focus.

This way, Summoners that cannot complete or explore the entire Event Quest should focus on exploring only one chapter at a time. We’ve also placed many rewards on paths, so those who are having trouble with the increased difficulty can target and strive for the rewards they need most.

Exploration is still where the best Rewards will be found, and Summoners should focus on exploring one Chapter, over Completing the entire Event Quest, if they find the Quest too difficult.

The Rewards

For Completion of all 3 Chapters, Summoners will earn:
750x 6-Star Hero Crystal Shards
4,200x 5-Star Hero Crystal Shards
6,750 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
10,800x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments
8x 5-Star Signature Stones (Generic)
75,000 Gold
3x Tier 5 Class ISO-8 (of each class)

For Exploration of the all 3 Chapters (including Path rewards), Summoners will earn:
4,250 6-Star Hero Crystal Shards
10,800 5-Star Hero Crystal Shards
37,200x T2A Fragments
1x 10% T5CC Fragment Crystal
27,100 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
10x 6-Star Signature Stone Crystals
370,000x Gold
12x 5-Star Signature Stones (Generic)
2x Tier 6 Class ISO-8 (of each class)

REMEMBER! The Exploration rewards are split over Paths and the Exploration rewards. This will look different in-game but will add up to these amounts.

Also, don’t forget that there is also a Legendary Difficulty of the Side Quests that you can earn even more rewards in!

A Special Objective

Each month, we’ll be adding a special Objective for Cavalier Difficulty. This ULTRA DIFFICULT Objective will test your skill as a Summoner, but if you can achieve it, it will reward you with another 10% T5CC Fragment Crystal!

For this first iteration, the objective is to defeat one path of every Quest in the EQ with only a team of 4-Star Champions or lower! This can be a path that you have already completed. October’s Event Quest will feature a different Objective, so be sure to prepare yourself for a new challenge!

Uncollected Rewards Update

An update to Uncollected Rewards too? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

Starting with the September Event Quest, we’re giving the Uncollected Difficulty rewards a bump as well! Both to help those who have not yet made it to Cavalier and those who are not able to explore all of the new Cavalier Difficulty. Like the Cavalier difficulty, rewards are being shifted to focus on Chapters Completion and Exploration. There are no longer any Act Completion rewards.

For Completion of all 3 Chapters, Summoners will earn:
1,500x 5-Star Hero Crystal Shards
3,000x Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
6,000x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments
3x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystals
36,000x Gold
1,200x 4-Star Hero Crystal Shards
2x Tier 5 Class ISO-8 (of each class)

For Exploration of all 3 Chapters, Summoners will earn:
2,500 6-Star Hero Crystal Shards
6,000x 5-Star Hero Crystal Shards
6,000 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
30,000x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments
2x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystals
10x 5-Star Signature Stone Crystals
212,000x Gold
2,400 4-Star Hero Crystal Shards
4x Tier 5 Class ISO-8 (of each class)

In addition, starting with October’s Event Quest, Summoners will be able to earn 150 Units for Completion and Exploration of the Uncollected Event Quest and will be able to earn a title as well.

Removing the Beginner Difficulty

September will feature the final Beginner Event Quest. Starting in October, we will be removing the difficulty of Monthly Event quests. This difficulty has always been very similar to Normal and doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. Removing it will allow us to focus our time and efforts on providing you with more engaging content.

The Final Event Quest Spotlight Thread

Tomorrow, we will post our last monthly Event Quest Spotlight thread. Originally, the point of these threads was to inform players of the story coming their way, and the rewards they could earn.

These were started in a time where event quests weren’t available every month, and the rewards were always shifting. It was also a place for Summoners to discuss troublesome fights in the quest and receive help, but those posts have found a life of their own as their own threads that have a lot more visibility.

Now, we reveal the story of the upcoming month in our release notes, and the rewards don’t change very often. Moving forward, we’ll update you all on any rewards changes in their own announcements, and will be keeping the Titles and Reward Champion a surprise (hey, we only use to post it one day in advance!).

It’s been a long road…

But we’re almost there! While we learned a lot from the Canadian Difficulty and Herald Difficulty side events, this is still the first Cavalier Difficulty Event Quest! There is still going to be space to shift and grow, the same way that Uncollected Difficulty did.

We look forward to you experiencing this new challenge, and can’t wait to see you conquer whatever is thrown your way!
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