9.6k prestige LF map5,6 + war

9.6K prestige LF alliance map 5,6 focused and war.

IGN: Viee
Line ID: Viee


  • we run map 5 Aq and gold 2 for war no donations and we need 2 players. my in game name is captain cheese friend me if you are interested
  • eggesteggest Posts: 46
    We run map 5x5 getting 100% daily, will be easing into map 6 soon.
    For wars we run 2 bgs on rotation and finish gold 2.
    Space to fill after AQ ends, if interested contact me on line at eggest1
  • RooufyRooufy Posts: 22
    still looking
  • The Wicked House
    TWH8: 29m Ally ~ AQ focused: 5x5, 240m/wk ~ AW available, Silver 1 ~ Line required ~ Adults only ~ No drama ~ 800k rating or 8k prestige ~ Build your account and have fun playing again.

    Line ID: Snoopysurfs
  • MYG2MYG2 Posts: 25
    I n games u g2 mp5 with multipliers off season war optional 220 milli AQ
  • 1 BG map 5&6. Other 2 BG’s map 5. Master modifiers every day.
    260+ mil AQ score. Rank 1000 +/-
    1 BG war optional. Gold 3
    Adults, fun, growing. Most of alliance has been together for over a year. Solid group having a good time.
    Part of a group of 16 alliances so there is a lot of knowledge and help to pull from and room growth

    Line Posheesho or AMH1807
  • RooufyRooufy Posts: 22
    still looking
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