@MCOC Team i didn't get full rewards at heroic difficulty i only got 1 tier 4 basic catalyst and 5 tier 1 alpha catalyst and 10 tier 4 class catalyst fragments crystal my game username is Abhishek145vi in game


  • Bahubali46Bahubali46 Posts: 42
    I too didn't get expected rewards for completing the Omega boss rush
  • same here. finished the omega rush in master dificulty and didn't guet the correct rewards.
    got this instead

  • Lovebox1986Lovebox1986 Posts: 16
    @Kabam Miike I didnt get the correct rewards either are you guys working on this?
  • Me too
  • jacksoojacksoo Posts: 23
    Bro did you talked to them regarding missing rewards
  • IamfrostIamfrost Posts: 3
    @Kabam Miike could you please give us an update on the rewards for boss rush ? Because there has been no word from yourselves on the matter since Wednesday and I don’t see why we should have to wait for something that we earned (and it was not easy) and that all my alliance mates have received because we didn’t check the rewards before doing content you released . . . Surely you can understand that ?
  • I have the same problem i didnt received all rewards I don't know what are they wanting for when all we have sent and email and made a post in forum
  • IamfrostIamfrost Posts: 3
    They haven’t responded in days this is ridiculous . . Able to find and ban all accounts who exploited a bug but unable to fix their own mistake! And “we will fix it” doesn’t cut it Kabam you should have gave us a time frame from the beginning just another example of your mistake costing players and it’s absolutely unacceptable at this stage. I bet it’s not even half the number of people who exploited that bug that completed boss rush with wrong rewards yet you managed to find and deal with all them . . . Interesting . . .
  • Has there been any updates? This is ridiculous I have champs that I need to rank for war that I should have been able to already but the rewards were not there

  • I don’t understand how they haven’t fixed this yet
  • IamfrostIamfrost Posts: 3
    Well if this is the case and I get no update soon I will be looking for a refund of any units I used as they did not provide the rewards as advertised so effectively I paid got SFA . . And yeah pretty much ignored my ticket gave me some ridiculous standard answer
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,129 ★★★★★
    Just wait for the compensation that tops up the reward.

    I’m in the same boat but there’s really no need to whine (regularly) about something that Kabam has mentioned will be distributed out to those affected.
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