Looking for ally after 1 year break

Looking for an active alliance doing at least map5 aq and active in war too. Don't know what matters most these days, last time i checked aq was far more important. I'll post some screenshots, contact me on line if interested.


  • nilaebrannilaebran Posts: 103
    Same nickname on line and everywhere
  • Have you found an alliance yet, if not contact me on discord:turbulence#3535 and we can see if we can work something out! We’re running AQ 5x5 and do no stress wars.
  • JoseOkJoseOk Posts: 240 ★★
    20 mill alliance, We do map 5, trying to move up to map 6. 100% completion. Tier 6/7 in war, 100% completion. Over 3000 glory per week.

    Hit us up in game Manakoa / JoseOk
  • nilaebrannilaebran Posts: 103
    Found an alliance, thank you all
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