Colossus with Magneto (Marvel Now!) Pre-Fight Ability Parry Bug?

I was doing the Show Up difficulty, the second fight against Captain Marvel (Movie) with my 4-Star Colossus. One of my team members happens to be the new and improved Magneto (Marvel Now!) which synergizes pretty well with Colossus because he's a #Metal and #Hero champion. So I used Mags pre-fight ability and entered the fight with Colossus. As you can see in the linked video, every time Captain Marvel dashes at me with a Medium Attack It DOES trigger the Passive stun but the Medium Attack's recoil launches me too far away so I cannot counter with a Heavy Attack which you normally do fighting with Colossus. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but this does not happen if I trigger parry without Magneto's Pre-fight Ability active. You can watch the linked video: Thanks.
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