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Why shouldn't I be able to solo continue my incursions run if my random partner decides to leave?

Ok, so this situation has really bugged me.

Last incursions run I had a really ramped up Aegon in sector 7, zone 1, due to a power shield antman. I also had a ramped up CMM, which meant I could easily take down the bosses without the degen link doing any damage to me due to the indestructible.

I got this random partner who brought a couple of unawakened ranked 4s in sector 7, and died in the first zone, then we procceded to zone 2 where he left the party.

I was easily able to solo zone 2, but then my only option was to quit the run.

I think we should be able to continue the run for as much as we like, even if our partner decides to quit. I get that incursions are a "team" mode, but it's entirely out of our hands if we are paired up with some random dude that's got no communication or gameplay skills, and he decides to quit when the run was still alive.


  • SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 2,458 ★★★★★
    Not a bad idea. I’d recommend to find a friend or alliance mate though. Never trust a random.
  • MousiasMousias Posts: 39

    Not a bad idea. I’d recommend to find a friend or alliance mate though. Never trust a random.

    I do, but some times there's this situation when life gets in the way and you're unable to be active for 2-3 days, and then the incursions are ready to reset-like today. Then no one's available, so your only option is to get random matched, which is a real pain.
  • Ab_SamadAb_Samad Posts: 380 ★★
    Imo incursion should be solo quest. I'm tired of finding a partner
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